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The Microfiber Specialists since 1992 !


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1 - Company Overview

Microfiber Dailytec Microfiber Dailytec

Textile Engineer

Managing Director

Engineer & MBA - Paris

Managing Director


Microfiber Dailytec Microfiber Dailytec Microfiber Dailytec


Daegu - Korea

R & D + Marketing Worldwide (Villeneuve d'Ascq - Lille)

Head-Office in Lille - France


Created in 1992 Dailytec-Kycloth, Ltd is the largest Eurasian manufacturer of high grade microfiber cleaning cloths for advertising which has its European branch offices in France, Germany and in the UK.


Our high quality eco-friendly microfiber cleaning cloths meet the highest international cleaning requirements and are specifically dedicated to the efficient cleaning of very delicate surfaces.

In cooperation with CETI (Centre Européen des Textiles Innovants / European Centre for Innovative Textiles) & Clubtex in France together with FITI in Korea, our factory has a modern R & D department combined with state-of-the-art production facilities and a fully advanced computerized system that grants properties at almost zero defective rate.

Our microfibers and our ready-made microfiber products printed with the up-to-date technology on German and Japanese machinery combined with the creativity of our customers worldwide are new outstanding and efficient advertising ways to communicate in more than 100 fields :

Optical, computers, tablets, i-phones, pharma labs, medicine, cosmetics, banks, telecom, insurance companies, universities, tourism, sports (football, tennis, swimming, winter sports…), cars, railways, airports, army, councils, hunting & fishing, promotional press & magazines, museums, casinos, numerous services, job centres, events (congresses, olympic games, anniversaries …) as well as the global promotion and advertising industries.

Full customization and severe quality control have earned the high reliability of international customers so as to meet their specific requirements in terms of designs and colours produced in the exact quantities they wish.

The Certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 granted to our company in the year 2006 gives to our customers the guaranty of perfect deliveries to the 60 countries we are exporting at present.

We will be more than happy to guide you in English, German, French, Spanish and Korean for the achievements of your specific orders, just simply and quickly and bring you efficient solutions and immediate services.

We wish we have a successful cooperation with you for our mutual interest.


Baudouin DUPONT & Sang-Hoon LEE


2 - Video of our factory


3 - History


1992 Factory created in June

1996 Creation of the Central European Export Company Dailytec® in France in May and worldwide registration of the trade mark

2000 Launching of the brand new microfibers by digital transfer printing

2001 Expansion to the North American market

2002 Registration of the patent N° 0266470 for practical use

2003 Registration of designs for Optical lens cleaning cloth N° 0320477

2004 Moving the factory to a new place

2005 Selected as a premium export company both in Europe and in Korea

2006 Awarded Certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

2007 Expansion of the facilities for knitting machines

2008 Awarded the Seal of Excellence

2009 Development of high density cloth

2010 Change the company registration into corporation certified by government

2011 Moving the factory to very modern facilities

2012 Opening of new trade office in Germany

2013 Strong development of exporting in 50 feet containers to the industries

2014 Registration as PSI member N° 48893 and expansion of the Company worldwide by Internet

2015 Opening of our new trade office in the UK and international development of the company by the new professional Networks.