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Medical products (masks and more) - PRICE STOCK EXCHANGE

This "Stock Exchange" at the lowest market prices changes every week according to the market conditions and only the most competitive products at the lowest prices are offered upon receipt of the customers'enquiries.

Despite all products cannot be displayed in the present website, new products are added every week according to the regular special offers available at our factories.

Governments requisitions
In certains countries, these products are currently subject to government requisitions. Before placing an order, please make sure that your government allows you to import them.
Terms of delivery
They vary from 1 to 4 weeks and sometimes even more depending on the articles, the quantities and on the incoming orders.
They vary slightly every week (up or down) depending on the incoming enquiries.
The sale of these products helps developing our humanitarian actions (Khushi, Sadguru Trust Foundation, etc.).

60 available products

4 weeks (plane)

8 weeks (boat)

Payment method

Bank transfer

Prototype Microfibre

Free and with no commitment

Answer within

24 hours