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What is a microfiber ?

A microfiber is a blend of Polyester (70%) and Polyamide (30%). It is a high quality, innovative, chemical-free, hypoallergenic textile made exclusively from synthetic materials.

As its name suggests, the filaments that make up a microfiber are ultrafine (75 to 120 denier), its weight is less than 1 gram over a length of 10 km and its diameter is about 1 micron (100 times finer than ‘a human hair).

Many processes can be implemented in the production of these fibers and all involve the bursting of the base fiber into very many small microfibers.

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Why are they so effective?

The splitting is made in such a way that it creates microscopic "hooks" that act like claws that scrape and hold dust, dirt and grime.



What are the benefits of Dailytec microfibers


The intimate blend of both Polyester and Polyamide components gives our microfibers a double cleaning action: Polyester absorbs grease while polyamide absorbs water. These two scratching fibers remove the impurities immediately, dry or wet, by simply rubbing on the surfaces and store them as and when they act as a reservoir.

Very light, very compact and very easy to use, our microfibers can be used dry or slightly wet to clean all delicate surfaces without scratching or damaging them.

All our microfibers are more or less brushed after weaving and dyeing, which gives them a touch of exceptional softness.

Always knit, our microfibers offer a remarkable flexibility that allows them to clean the most difficult to access surfaces (sophisticated optical frames, optical laboratory equipment).

Microfibres have a natural detergent effect and absorb remarkable grease by simply rubbing on the surfaces to be cleaned.

Microfibres are antistatic. By simply rubbing on dry surfaces, they generate static electricity that loves dust which is absorbed immediately in the microfiber.

Microfibers do not deform on use, dry or wash. They automatically recover their original properties after each use.

Optical microfibers can be cleaned by simply washing at 40 ° C / 60 ° maximum, by hand or machine, with or without the addition of a mild soap. They can be washed almost indefinitely, without the addition of chlorine (bleach) or fabric softener. Because of their composition, they dry very quickly. Non-biodegradable and non-recyclable disposable wipes are now useless.

Microfibers make it possible to clean the greasiest surfaces without the addition of detergents. They help maintain a clean environment without generating waste or pollution.

Slightly damp, microfibers eliminate 99% of bacteria by simply rubbing on surfaces. If they are not antibacterial, microfibers almost completely eliminate microorganisms on surfaces. Used very often in cosmetics for eye makeup remover because of their softness and efficiency, optical microfibers promote daily hygiene in female wearers.

Although microfibers are almost indestructible, each user loses their microfiber on average once a year and the market is automatically renewed. If marketing is well designed by distributors with creative images (communication agencies, high-tech store chains, optical groups and various), the need for microfibers will constantly attract customers.

For a few cents consumers can access microfiber textiles for personal or professional use. As microfibers can be washed and used many times, the cleaning and communication budget is very small. Disposable, non-biodegradable and non-recyclable wipes are no longer needed.

Our large collection of microfibres ranging from 170 to 300 grams per square meter allows our customers to choose their microfibers according to their budget.

Our image bank is available to our customers to help them develop their personalized creations. These images are free or offered at a very low price starting from 1 Euro / USD per drawing for unlimited use. All these images are available to our customers to help them develop their own custom creations.

A specific heat treatment after dyeing stabilizes the microfiber fabric and reduces its elasticity in order to respect the original resolution of the original logos and designs. Delivered in 350 dpi PDF, logos and images are processed in high resolution by our state-of-the-art printing machines.

The microfibre support is printed in high definition (logos or images), either on front or on both sides, and allows a clear, permanent and effective visibility of the message to convey to users.

Customers become actors in their own communication. They create their texts and select their images not only for their usual communication but also for their own events (promotions, anniversary of the point of sale, various commercials …). The microfibers can be customized (custom) without limit of size, color or images.

The ranges followed are in stock for almost immediate delivery. Customized microfibers are delivered within 4 weeks maximum.

All prototypes are customized within a few days and without commitment. No financial investment is required from our clients.

Our factory and all our microfibers are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management system standards, which constantly guarantees qualitative deliveries.



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