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Why choose microfibers for cleaning?

Cleaning gloves, towels or even cleaning squares for glasses ... microfibers are more and more used by professionals and individuals in everyday activities. How are these new materials designed, and what are their benefits for cleaning? We will cover what you need to know about microfibers!

 What is microfiber made from?

When we talk about microfiber, we are talking about a material made of tiny synthetic fibers polyester and polyamide. There are different kinds of weaving, which give the microfiber its properties. Flat weaving, for example, is mainly used in the textile industry. As for split weaving it is used for cleaning materials, because it allows better absorption of liquids.

 In the case of microfibers used for cleaning, it is therefore a question of "split weaving". And the absorption properties are further enhanced by a larger share of polyester: this component that removes grease and fat better! In other words, flat woven microfibers are specifically designed to better absorb and clean.

What makes microfibres interesting for cleaning?

For the cleaning of living spaces as for precision cleaning - such as spectacle lenses for example, microfibres are an effective solution. Firstly because they offer a much better absorption capacity than usual fabrics. But also because they degrease better, as they capture more easily micro-dust and dirt.

The non-abrasive composition of the microfibers also guarantees thorough cleaning without leaving any traces. And this is a particularly important argument when it comes to properly maintaining the lenses of  glasses without scratching them. This is why most optical professionals usually recommend keeping clean microfiber cloths at your fingertips!

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