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Better understand the role and characteristics of eyeglass clips - Dailytec

Better understand the role and characteristics of eyeglass clips

A better understanding of the role and characteristics of eyeglass clip ons.

When wearing glasses, glasses clips are an essential accessory. They allow to enjoy additional protection without changing glasses. While maintaining its quality of vision, you can choose anti UV solar clips, anti-glare clips, anti-blue light or Vision 3 D clips. Each model has its own characteristics! But how do they settle, and how to choose them?


How are the clip-ons fixed?

The clip-ons are quite similar to the over-goggles that cover them as they are also attached to the glasses. But the clips have the advantage of simply attach to the top of the frame of your glasses. The gesture is very simple, and there is no risk of losing them during an activity, whatever it is !


Easy to attach and to remove, clips also have other strengths. They allow to keep the benefit of the correction of the glasses. A strong argument for those who need their glasses everyday! Another advantage is the comfort: they do not interfere with sight, they are also lightweight therefore avoiding any extra weight.


Anti-UV, anti-blue light ... how to choose your clips for your glasses?

The clips are designed to fit on a vast majority of models of  glasses . But it is possible to choose them also according to the protection they offer.

Anti blue light clips : for people who want to protect their view from blue light, produced in particular by computer screens, tablets or smartphones. This is a recommended model for professionals who work daily in front of a screen, but who also need their glasses.

Anti-glare clips: ideal for securing night driving for example, avoiding significant variations in brightness on the road.

Polarized solar clips: an excellent solution for people who want to protect their eyes from UVB and UVA ... while still benefiting from the correction of glasses.

Vision 3 D clips: just enjoy 3D movies.


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