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Blue light: how to choose the right protective glasses? - Dailytec

Blue light: how to choose the right protective glasses?

Blue-light can be dangerous to the eyes when the exposure is too strong or too regular. Although it is a light emitted by screens of computers, tablets or smartphones, why do you have to protect your eyes, and how to choose your glasses?

Why do you have to protect your eyes from blue-light?

Blue light is part of the light spectrum: it is naturally produced by the sun. But it is also artificially produced by other sources. Computer screens or television screens, tablets or even smartphones produce a significant amount of blue light. For many users, this represents several hours every day on the screen!

This exposure to blue light is dangerous for the retina. Several studies show notable long-term effects, including a significant increase in the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or cataract. But the effects are especially important in the short term, and even in everyday life. Other studies have looked at the dangers of blue-light exposure to sleep quality and the proper functioning of our  internal clock (circadian rythm), or to additional eye strain.

Several good practices make it possible to protect yourself in the short and long term. For example, do not consult a tablet, computer or smartphone before sleeping. Also limit the time spent in front of a screen during the day. Or when it's not possible, you must protect your eyes with suitable glasses.

How to choose protection glasses against blue-light?

A medical prescription is not required to obtain a pair of blue-light protection goggles. It is therefore possible to buy them online. Be careful to take into account several points to choose the glasses with the adapted characteristics!

• Prefer models that do not distort colours, especially for professionals working in front of a screen every day.

• Choose glasses made from light materials to avoid discomfort after a few hours.

• Whenever possible, choose a model that also offers protection against ultraviolet (UV) light.

And finally, give yourself the opportunity to choose the design that you  prefer!


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