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1 - What is a microfiber?

2 - Why do microfibers clean so well?

3 - Properties and advantages of the microfibers Dailytec


1 - What is a microfiber ?

The first microfibers were developed in Japan around 1976. It became economically possible to use microfibers in the 1980s.

A microfiber is a blend of Polyester & Polyamide. It is a superior, innovative, chemical free, hypoallergenic textile for cleaning. A microfiber is a ultrafine filament (75 to 120 deniers), it weighs less than 1 gram per 10 km length, its diameter is around 1 micron (100 times thinner than the thickness of humain hair).

Several processes can be used to produce these fibers, all involving the splitting of a basic fiber into very many smaller ones. The splitting is made in such a way so as to create microscopic “hooks” which act as claws that scrape up and hold dust, dirt and grime.


2 - Why do Microfibers clean so well?


Microfiber cloth incredibly enhances cleaning abilities when compared with gauze, tissue, or other cleaning materials.


The section of Microfiber


Cross section of microfiber before and after splitting (after caustic treatment) the microfiber becomes splitted into an Orange fruit type

microfiber microfiber microfiber

Magnification of microfiber filaments


The technical revolution of microfilaments create a new generation of microfibers : The filaments are split into microfilaments which entangle to create the microfiber fabric after knitting or weaving.


3 - Properties and Advantages of the Microfibers Dailytec® - Kycloth®

1 - Efficient

The blending of the 2 components ( 70% polyester et 30 % polyamide ) gives our microfibers a double cleaning action. The polyester absorbs grease and the polyamide absorbs water. These 2 scratching fibers remove all impurities immediately, in dry or humid conditions, by just a simple rubbing on the surfaces and then by stocking them.

2 - Soft

All our microfibers are more or less brushed after weaving, knitting and dyeing what gives them an exceptional soft touch.

3 - Flexible

Most of our microfibers are knitted what gives them an outstanding flexibility allowing them to clean the most difficult surface access (computers components, electronic machines, sophisticated optical frames…).

4 - Lypophilic

Due to their capillary action the microfibers have a natural detergent effect and absorb amazingly fat, grease and grime by just a simple rubbing on the surfaces to be cleaned.

5 - Antistatic

The microfiber are antistatic. By just a simple rubbing on dry surfaces, they generate static electricity that draws dusts and tiny particles which are immediately absorbed into the microfiber.

6 - Ergonomic

Our microfibers are very light, very little space and very easy to handle. They are used dry or slightly humid to clean everywhere the most delicate surfaces without scratching or damaging them.

7 - Resilient

The microfibers are strong, enduring and resistant even after multiple uses. They do not deform in use, neither in dry nor in humid conditions.

8 - Frequency of purchase

Although microfibers are almost indestructible, every user on average loses his microfiber once a year and the market automatically renews. If the marketing is well designed by sellers (advertising agencies, hightec chains stores, optical groups…) with creative images, the need for microfibers will attract again the customers again and again for new microfibers.

9 - Convenient

The microfibers can be cleaned by a simple washing at 40° to 60°° maximum, either by hand or by machine, with or without addition of a mild soap. They can be washed almost indefinitely without adding any chlorine or fabric softener. Due to their composition they dry very quickly.

10 - Ecofriendly

The microfibers can clean the most greasy surfaces without the addition of detergents. They help to maintain a clean environnement without generating wastage or pollution.

11 - Antiseptic

Damped microfibers remove 99% of the bacteria by just a simple rubbing on the surfaces. Although they are not anti-bacterial, the microfibers remove almost all microorganisms on the surfaces. The microfibers are also widely used in cosmetics to remove eye make-up due to their softness and efficiency. They promote a much better hygiene this way.

12 - Economic

For just a few cents customers can get access to microfiber cleaning cloths for their private or professionnal targets. As the microfibers can be used even after repeated uses and washing, the budget for cleaning and advertising is accordingly very low. The disposable, non-biodegradable and non-recyclable wipes have become useless now.

13 - Numerous

Our large range of microfibers varies from 170 to 300 grams per square meter what allows our customers to choose their microfibers according to their budget.

14 - High resolution printing

A specific heat treatment after dyeing stabilizes the fabric and reduces its elasticity. This way the very best results are achieved at printing original logos and designs. From the files remitted in 350 dpi per PDF the logos and images are printed in high resolution by our ultra-modern printing machines.

15 - Qualitative communication

The microfiber textiles are printed in high resolution (logos or images), either one side printed, or 2 side printed, that allows clear visibility, permanent and efficient messages to convey to users.

16 - Continuous innovation

The customers become real actors of their own communication. They create their texts and select their images not only for their own corporate communication but also for the events sponsored (promotions, birthdays on the point of sales, various advertising campaigns…). The microfibers can be customized with no limitations of sizes, colours or images.

17 - Assistance in the creation

Our various banks are free of charge or at very low cost starting at 1 Euro only per design for unlimited use. All these images are at the entire disposal of our customers to help them in achieving their own customized creations.
As regard to the specific copyrighted designers' images please contact us for their own terms and conditions.

18 - Amazing speed

The stock items can be supplied almost immediately. The customized microfibers can be delivered within 4 weeks maximum.

19 - Zero financial investment

All prototypes are customized free of charge within just a few days with no commitment at all. Absolutely no financial investment is requested to the customers.

20 - Certification

Our factory and all our microfibers are certificated according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (quality management system) which act as a steady guarantee of quality.